Why Used or Refurbished?

Medical Equipment Export offers customers a sound alternative to new medical equipment.

Capital equipment is designed to have a lifetime of 15-20 years.  With the rapid advance of today’s technology, however, most equipment in the U.S. is no longer considered “state-of-the-art” after only 5-7 years.  Because the American public is so well informed on the latest healthcare procedures, U.S. hospitals must constantly update their equipment in order to stay competitive.

In addition, due to the restructuring of the U.S. healthcare system a number of opportunities have arisen. Competing facilities are being acquired and eventually merged.  This process has resulted in an abundance of quality equipment sales. With fewer customers, most equipment manufacturers have been forced to lower their margins and prices.  Consequently, used equipment prices have also had to come down.

Medical Equipment Export understands its role in helping to hold down medical costs and in providing safe, reliable equipment. Like you, we have to be accountable for what we provide.

Using Medical Equipment Export’s network of expertise and its commitment to quality,  you can now make a real impact in your medical community.