Surgical Equipment Inventory

The surgical equipment refurbisher associated with Medical Equipment Export has the ability to provide equipment refurbished for end users and as is for distributors who wish to perform the work themselves.

The owner of the company has 30 years in the industry and has been setting up outpatient surgery centers in the US for the last 25 years and exporting large quantities of equipment throughout the world.

They have a 40,000 square foot facility stocked full of equipment. One of the largest inventories in the US-over 40 surgical tables in stock and 30 sets of surgical lights.

Our surgical supplier has so many ongoing projects  they don’t have much time to take pictures of the equipment.

The following pictures are from a surgery center our supplier equipped 5 years ago  Although the models have changed this should provide a good idea of the quality of the equipment and the types of facilities that purchase the equipment.

Equipment in Stock

Surgery Center Equipped by our Supplier
Operating Room
Recovery Room

Refurbished Amsco Eagle Surgical Sterilizer
NewScrubSinksNew Scrub Sinks SurgicalLightBooms2
Surgical Booms

Below are some pictures taken on a recent trip to our surgical supplier. All our suppliers keep 1-2 million dollars worth of inventory in stock.

All pictures were taken before the equipment is refurbished/worked on.

Maquet Alphastar

Our supplier keeps a number of tables in stock for Bariatric Surgery. 

Skytron Hercules also available, which has a 1,000 lb rating. 

Amsco 3080 RC in Stock

Our supplier keeps a large supply of surgical tables in stock. 


Surgical Lights in Stock

Surgical Tables – 40 in Stock

  • Skytron Hercules- Remote Control C-Arm Compatible
  • Maquet Alpha Star- Remote Control C-Arm Compatible
  • Skytron 6500-Remote Control C-Arm Compatible
  • Skytron 6001-Remote Control C-Arm Compatible
  • Steris 3080 RC-Remote Control C-Arm Compatible
  • Shampaine 5100B-Remote Control C-Arm Compatible
  • Affiliated/Shampaine 4900RC-Remote Control C-Arm Compatible
  • Affiliated/Shampaine 1900RC-Remote Control C-Arm Compatible
  • Amsco 2080L-Electric
  • Affiliated 1700 E- Electric
  • Affiliated 1500 E-ElectricPain Management Table
  • OSI 9650 Pain Management TableSurgical Lights – 60 Sets in Stock
  • Amsco Quantum SQ 240
  • Berchtold D650/D530
  • Stryker Visum
  • ALM Prismatic
  • Amsco Polaris
  • Berchtold C-570
  • Skytron 5858Anesthesia Machine
  • Refurbished Amsco Eagle Series 3000  16”x16”x 26” with Printcon Printer
  • Refurbished Amsco Eagle 3023  20”x 20” x 38” with Printcon Printer 
  • Refurbished Amsco Eagle 3033  24″ x 36″x 36″ with Printcon Printer
  • Refurbished Amsco Eagle 3043  24″ x 36″x 48″  with Printcon Printer

Blanket Warmerarming Cabinet

New Private Labeled Double Door Blanket Warmer

 Amscodualwarmingcabinet2Refurbished Amsco Double Door Blanket WarmerPatient Monitoring

Datascope 2 LT-Screen OffReconditioned Datascope Passport 2 Patient Monitor

ECG, NIBP, SP02, Temp, recorder

  • Valleylab Force FX with Cart & Foot Control
  • Valley Lab Force 2 with Cart & Foot Control
  • Conmed Saber 2400 with Cart & Foot Control
  • Video Endoscopy Systems-Rigid
  • 4.0 mm, 2.7 mm  Stryker, Diasonics, Storz
  • Stryker Cameras, Stryker Light Sources

Sony Monitors

  • Stryker or Diasonics 20 Liter Insufflator
  • Flexible Video Endoscopy System
  • Olympus CV 140 Video System


  • Reconditioned Hill-Rom Advance Beds
  • Reconditioned Stryker MPS Beds
  • Reconditioned Hill- Rom Model 840
  • Reconditioned Hill-Rom Model 850
  • Refurbished Stretchers
  • Reconditioned Reliance 444 with Pass Through
  • Dionics EP1 Shaver
  • Zimmer ATS 1500 Double Cuff Tourniquet