Anesthesia Machines

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Our anesthesia refurbisher is an authorized service organization for both Datex-Ohmeda now GE Healthcare & North American Drager and covers the SE US to Texas with service contract work.  They have over 250 hospitals and surgery centers under contract.

Although their main business is service contracts they are working aggressively to increase the equipment sales side of their business. We have an excellent relationship with them and there are only five companies in the industry that can come close to the quality of their work.

Due to the fact that anesthesia equipment is such a critical piece of equipment, and the liability costs are so high, manufacturers control the number of service organizations authorized to work on their equipment.

Every technician is required to pass an extensive course for each model. The courses are both comprehensive and very expensive. The courses are expensive by design, so both NAD and Datex-Ohmeda can limit the number of authorized service organizations.

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