Nidek AFC-330 Fundus Camera


Nidek AFC-330 Fundus Camera

Non-Mydriatic Auto Fundus Camera

Nidek AFC-330 Fundus Camera Features

  • All in one with built-in camera and computer
  • Five automated functions for enhanced ease-of-use
  • Monitor and indicator for operator assist
  • Navigation of stereo and panorama photography
  • Low flash intensity and quiet shutter sound

The Nidek AFC-330 Fundus Camera has an integrated CCD camera and microcomputer in one compact unit without requiring an external camera and PC. It is virtually “ready to use out of the box”.

With five automated functions – 3-D auto tracking, auto focus, auto switching from anterior eye to fundus, auto shot, and auto print / export – the AFC-330 enables seamless photography from start to finish.

The anterior eye monitor allows an operator to constantly verify alignment. The focus split indicator shows the amount of focus deviation in the fundus observation screen.

The AFC-330 navigates stereo and panorama photography with target marks displayed on observation screen.

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