1) Medical Equipment Export will promptly respond at no charge for 90 days to all technical problems. Responses will come in the form of faxes, e-mails, etc.

Through past experience, we have found that the vast majority of all technical problems are due to operator error.  Most equipment has a simple self-diagnostic test that can quickly determine if the machine is, in fact, working correctly. Our technicians and refurbishers will forward instructions on how to run the diagnostic test and will assist in the interpretation.

2) There is always the possibility that a piece of equipment can go out of calibration during shipping.  This happens most with sensitive laboratory equipment. In these cases, my technicians will forward instructions to the buyer on how to recalibrate the machine.

3) If the above does not adequately resolve the problem, Medical Equipment Export will seek an expeditious solution to the problem. After Medical Equipment Export has tried to solve the problem, and it is determined that the equipment needs to be shipped back to one of its technicians, the buyer will be responsible for the cost of shipping the equipment back to Medical Equipment Export. Medical Equipment Export will be responsible for the cost of repairing the equipment and the return shipping.

This warranty becomes effective upon day of receipt. Because of Medical Equipment Export’s quality assurance program, it is rare that equipment bought through us has to be returned to the United States for repair under this warranty. In such cases, however, Medical Equipment Export reserves the right to replace equipment with the same or better manufacturer’ s model.

Glenn Berry