Neurosurgical Supplies

Description Manufacturer Part # Exp. Date Qty.
Custom Tubing Pack, Intersept 1/4 Plug Medtronic 0L99R Dec-06 13
Clips, Raney Scalp Codman 20-1037 140
Scalp Clip Applier, Disposable Codman 20-1038 Mar-09 6
Cranial Hand Drill Medtronic 24050 May-09 1
Valve, Delta, Small Performance Level 1 (valve only) Delta 42812 1
Trajectory Guide Kit, Biopsy, External Medtronic 9733065 Aug-11 2
Skull Pin, Disposable, Mayfield

Closeup Skull Pin, Disposable, Mayfield

Ohio Medical Instrument Company A1072 Jan-06 12
Cranial Access Kit Integra Neurosciences INS-5HND Oct-05 2
Drainage Sytem, Ventricular Integra Neurosciences NL850-500V Feb-07 1


We purchased all the surgical supplies and implants of a US hospital that closed and then made two more purchases of implants.

All products are in perfect sealed condition. Priced right for the export markets 15-20% of original cost. $150 minimum order can mix and match products between specialties.  Please e-mail us or fill out a request form if you would like to receive pricing.