Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT Model 4000


Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT Model 4000

With Quad core computer, Eye tracking latest Revision 7.2 software

Keeping both your patients and practice in mind Carl Zeiss Meditec, the global leader in OCT developed Cirrus HD-OCT.

The Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT Model 4000 not only supplies superior imagery, it delivers detailed diagnostic and change analyses you can rely on time and again.  Along with its small footprint and fast capture speeds the Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT Model 4000 is designed to increase workflow efficiency while helping you deliver better care for your patients.

Superior Analysis:

  • High-Density Cube Data and proven segmentation Cirrus delivers a diagnostic analysis you can trust.
  • Captures a tightly packed detail rich cube of data in just seconds, which allows you to both visualize and analyze your patient’s condition.
  • Advanced Algorithms to measure and display layers
  • Millions of data points from the cube are fed into Zeiss proprietary algorithms for accurate segmentation, reproducible measurements and registration for change analysis.

Spectacular Imagery:

  • Legendary Zeiss Optics and Cirrus, you’ll experience brilliant detail-rich visuals to help you diagnose and care for your patients
  • Cirrus Uses Selective Pixel Profiling to optimize each pixel in its HD raster scans

It Produces Imagery that goes beyond mere image averaging

Less than half the cost of a new system.

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