Topcon TRC NW7SF Mark II


Topcon TRC NW7SF Mark II Digital Fundus Camera

The Topcon TRC-NW7SF Mark II combines mydriatic and non-mydriatic retinal imaging capabilities into one single system. It is designed to acquire fundus images including color, red-free and fluorescein angiography.

Network ready and capable of operating in a web-enabled environment, the TRC-NW7SF Mark II system makes it easy to acquire clear, sharp images.

Topcon TRC-NW7SF Mark II Main Features

» Color, red-free and fluorescein capabilities in one device.
» High resolution imaging sensor provides consistent color rendition.
» Swing and tilt movement allows for precise peripheral capture.
» Capture images through undilated pupils as small as 3mm (in color non-myd mode only).
» Intuitive to use featuring Topcon’s user-friendly, ergonomic camera design.

Precise Imaging:

The TRC-NW7SF Mark II is a sophisticated, high resolution camera system allowing eye care professionals to produce high quality retinal images.

View images as they appear through an ophthalmoscope Retinal images are produced as closely as possible to how they would appear through an ophthalmoscope-with vibrant color and no substantial delay in image capture.

The combination of mydriatic and non-mydriatic functions into a single system allows multiple levels of documentation.

Topcon TRC-NW7SF Mark II Flexible camera and monitor adjustment:

The adjustable 6.5” LCD monitor allows for alignment and focusing without an operator eyepiece. In addition, the camera itself features traditional forward, back and side movement plus precision swing and tilt capability allowing peripheral coverage of the retina.

Easy Image Acquisition:

The TRC-NW7SF Mark II was designed to facilitate easy and quick acquisition of retinal images. The system features intuitive visual cues that ensure proper focus and alignment.

Topcon TRC-NW7SF Mark II One-Touch Operation:

The color illuminated touch-panel provides access to various image capture modes with the simple touch of a finger.

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