Topcon TRC-NW300 Fundus Camera with Imagenet


Topcon TRC-NW300 Fundus Camera with Imagenet comprehensive software for capturing, processing, archiving and consulting.

  • Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera
  • In accordance with the requirements for diabetic screening, the TRC-NW300 offers central, nasal and temporal targets.
  • The Optic Disc, the Macula and the Fovea can be specifically positioned for diagnostic photography. An external fixation target is optionally available for added flexibility.

Topcon TRC-NW300 Fundus Camera Features:

  • Auto Focus, Auto Exposure & Auto Shoot
  • All-in-One Compact Design
  • Imaging System Capability
  • Auto Small Pupil Detection
  • Lower flash intensity
  • Fixation target

Topcon TRC-NW300 Fundus Camera Picture angle Working distance:

Photographable area of pupil Focus range to correct the refractive errors of the patient’s eye Internal fixation target Auto focus function Base movement Optic Disc “D” Center “C” Fovea“F”

Chinrest movement Dimensions Weight 45° 40.7mm 4.0mm or more (Ø3.3mm or more when the small pupil diaphragm is used) 0 : -13D to +12D1 – : -33D to -12D + : +9D to +40D Center : Fixed 4 points Temporal side :

Fixed 1 point Nasal side : Fixed 1 point Right / left eye automatic detection Used only in the split line working range ( This can be turned ON / OFF )

Back-forth : 46mm Right-left : 100mm U p-down : 30mm 67mm 274mm(W) × 508mm(D) × 528-558mm(H) 22.7kg *1 Split line working range Data storage and transmission

Thanks to the Windows operating system incorporated in the TRCNW300, images can be viewed and stored instantly on an USB memory stick or CF card.

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