Synthes 3.5MM Locking Screw Self-Tapping 56MM Nonsterile

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Synthes 3.5MM Locking Screw Self-Tapping 56MM Nonsterile

With Stardrive Recess

Part #  02.212.056                Non-sterile

Synthes 3.5MM Locking Screw Self-Tapping mates with the threaded plate holes to form a fixed-angle construct.  The screw design has been modified, as compared to standard 3.5mm cortex screws to enhance fixation and facilitate the surgical procedure.

The conical head facilitates alignment of the locking screw in the threaded plate hole to provide a secure screw/plate construct.

The large core diameter improves bending, shear strength and distributes the load over a larger area in the bone.

The shallow thread profile of the locking screws  results from the larger core diameter, but is acceptable because locking screws do not rely solely on the screw threads to create compression between the plate and the bone to maintain stability.

In Perfect sealed condition but this product is non-sterile and not for human use in the US.

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