Optos California RG Retinal Camera


Optos California RG Retinal Camera

Optos California RG was designed to facilitate retinal exams and document findings. Imaging modalities and image viewing options are detailed below.  Only Optos ultra-widefield (UWFTM) technology can produce a 200° single-capture retinal image in less than ½ second.

Optomap images are presented in a consistent geometry that accurately represents anatomical features across the
retina. Automatic image registration enables pixel to pixel comparisons of images across modalities and from visit
to visit.

California’s innovative optical design provides high resolution images showing fine detail whether viewing the entire retina or zoomed in to inspect macula, optic nerve head, or small pathology.

Imaging modalities and image viewing options:

Image Modalities

– Color
– Sensory (Red-free)
– Choroidal
– Autofluorescence

Image Views

– Standard:  200⁰ Single Capture
– Auto-montage:  Up to 220⁰
– Central Pole:  Detailed view of the macula
– Stereo: Image pairing for optic disc and retinal evaluation

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