Nidek YC 1800 YAG Laser


Nidek YC 1800 YAG Laser

Nidek YC 1800 YAG Laser offers the latest in innovative laser delivery and output technologies. Fast operation and ultra adjustability make the YC-1800 YAG Laser treatment system the finest available anywhere.

Key Features:
-High-res optics for exact laser-treatment location
-S-Switch allows easy change of parameters while holding the joystick

Nidek YC 1800 YAG Laser Improved Operability. The “S-Switch” located on the joystick provides high operability, allowing doctors to change parameters (Energy up, Energy down and Ready / Standby*) while holding the joystick.
Permits faster and easier operation, and eliminates need to look away from oculars to make parameter adjustments.

ONE-TOUCH LOCK. The YC-1800 can smoothly slide back and forth and around, and the unit can be easily fixed and released at anywhere you like with the one-touch lock, offering high operability with improved safety.

COMPACT & SLIM DESIGN. The YC-1800 is Nidek’s smallest and lightest ophthalmic photodisruptor available and can be easily transported. Compact and slim design also allows greater flexibility in locating your arm rest.

FAST OPERATION. High-speed 3Hz firing rate offers very practical operation when encountering a moving eye or other patient difficulties. The YC-1800 can treat a wide variety of diseases, and its speed and efficiency allows comfortable operation.

SUPER ADJUSTABLE Nd: YAG OFFSET. The YC-1800 can adjust the offset ±500 microns (25 micron steps) to meet the varied clinical needs.A different offset can be used for PMMA, silicone or acrylic lenses, and the offset can even be adjusted on the same IOL to compensate for a parallax effect in the periphery. This eliminates the need to manually defocus, permits a clear field of view, and minimizes lens pitting.

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