Compact Intuitiv Phaco System


Compact Intuitiv Phaco System with Ellips FX Handpieces-Patient Ready

The COMPACT INTUITIV Phaco System is a modular ophthalmic micro surgical system that facilitates anterior segment (cataract) surgery.

The modular design allows users to configure the system to meet their surgical requirements.

WHITESTAR Technology:

Whitestar Technology was the first to deliver finely modulated pulses of energy, interrupted by extremely brief cooling periods.

This allows the system to achieve full ultrasound cutting efficiency and magnetic followability, while introducing less energy into the eye. Minimized or eliminated ultrasonic time reduces the risk of thermal damage.

Pulse Shaping:

Pulse Shaping delivers finely modulated, shaped pulses of energy, interrupted by extremely brief cooling periods. You can adjust the percentage of Low and High “kick” and the power of the “kick”.

Pulse Shaping allows the COMPACT INTUITIV System to achieve full ultrasound cutting efficiency and excellent
followability while putting less energy into the eye.

Occlusion Mode Phaco:

You can use the Occlusion Mode Phaco to regulate the vacuum rise time that follows the occlusion of the phaco tip, without limiting the choice of aspiration rate through an unoccluded needle.

To independently control the aspiration rate and the vacuum rise time, it is possible to have a different aspiration rate for an occluded needle and an unoccluded needle.

You can use Occlusion Mode Phaco to regulate ultrasound power modulation. You can program the power modulation of the phaco handpiece (continuous, pulse, burst, etc.) to automatically change when the phaco tip changes from an unoccluded condition to an occluded condition.

Chamber Stabilization Environment (CASE)

CASE is an intelligent vacuum monitoring system that regulates the maximum allowable vacuum used following the occlusion of the phaco tip.

When the phaco tip becomes occluded, the vacuum rises. Clearing of the occlusion while the vacuum is at a high-level can lead to a post occlusion surge.

When CASE is on, the system monitors the actual vacuum levels. When the vacuum exceeds a specific threshold for a specified duration, the system automatically adjusts the maximum allowable vacuum setting to a lower predefined CASE maximum vacuum level.

When the occlusion clears, the system automatically restores the settings to the original programmed maximum vacuum setting.

This function makes it possible to have a different maximum vacuum setting when the needle occludes than when the needle is unoccluded.

CASE One Touch:

The CASE One Touch button simplifies the programming of the CASE function and allows you to easily define the basic CASE settings once.

You can adjust the CASE function with the CASE One Touch settings on the surgical screens. When you use CASE One Touch, the CASE functionality changes to provide enhanced control or improved efficiency for any combination of cataract density, surgical technique or personal preferences.

Advanced Fluidics System:

One of the most advanced features of the COMPACT INTUITIV System is the fluidics system that allows for intraoperative intraocular control.

Compact Intuitiv Phaco System ELLIPS FX Handpiece:

The ELLIPS FX phaco handpiece is available for use with the COMPACT INTUITIV System. The ELLIPS FX handpiece provides both longitudinal and transversal movement.

You can use the handpiece with a straight tip or a curved tip.

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