Alcon LuxOR LX3 Ophthalmic Microscope


Alcon LuxOR LX3 Ophthalmic Microscope

The Alcon LuxOR LX3 Ophthalmic Microscope features unique technologies designed to optimize both anterior and posterior procedures, providing superior visualization for every type of ophthalmic surgical procedure.

LuxOR microscopes are intended for optimal, low magnification visualization during ophthalmic surgical procedures. The microscope features a motorized zoom barrel (4:1 with automatic reset) and focus drive (30 mm travel with automatic reset) which is controlled via the foot controller.

The Alcon LuxOR LX3 features an integrated ILLUMIN-i* Technology illumination module with 6x greater Red Reflux area than traditional focused light microscopes expanding exterior segment. This one of a kind technology helps maintain a consistent and stable red reflex regardless of pupil size, centration, lens tilt or patient eye movement. 

ILLUMIN-i technology with AMP control, used to vary the coaxial illumination level and to engage the AMP* feature, provide an excellent red reflex and depth of field, allowing surgeons to work quickly and confidently. Due to proprietary positioning of the light source below the objective lens, the luxOR microscope provides greater depth of focus for exceptional quality of visualization, including unprecedented detail recognition and contrast in every phase of cataract surgery. With a 6x great reflux zone, the patient can move approx 1.5in away from the center of the beam and still have bright reflux. Not only is the field greater, but it’s more stable, proving less “loss of reflux” from different angles. This is accomplished by the proprietary ILLUMIN-i  Technology and a different placement of the objective lens. This helps the surgeon’s efficiency during case’s because there will naturally be less time repositioning or adjusting the scope or patient during the case to keep a sharp view. LuxOR LX3 delivers unique, at-a-glance microscope feedback to the surgeon via LIBERO-XY Communication System.

Adjust the blend of coaxial and oblique light sources to take complete control of your view:

Coaxial Light Positioned 0° from the origin of light, which allows for optimized red reflex

Oblique Light Positioned 8° from the origin of light, with the ability to customize intensity or turn it off completely

Personalized Blend Customize your preferred illumination and save up to 3 presets to your surgeon profile

AMP Technology

Get more light during vitreoretinal procedures. Ideal for work in the posterior capsule, patented AMP technology is available exclusively on
LuxOR™ Ophthalmic Microscopes:

  • The flip of a switch shifts the beam splitter plate out of your optical path
  • 100% of the retro-illuminated light from the patient’s eye is transmitted back through the optics
  • Superior visualization of the retina

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