Alcon Centurion Vision System


Alcon Centurion Vision System

Alcon Centurion Vision Systems are available in the US secondary market but not in large quantities.

We work directly with the president of our ophthalmic equipment supplier & they are waiting to see if their bid is accepted.  If they win the bid it will be sold within 2 weeks.

The Alcon Centurion Vision System features a peristaltic pump that doubles the available flow rate and eliminates the small pulsations typically associated with peristaltic pumps.

Its Active Fluidics technology is designed to optimize chamber stability by providing more consistent IOP over a wide range of aspiration flow rates by detecting flow rate, irrigation pressure, and vacuum and compensating for pressure loss.

The Centurion?s OZil handpiece and innovative fluidics enable enhanced emulsification that requires minimal fluid. The INTREPID Balanced Tip is designed to reduce tip movement at the incision, enhancing torsional tip movement at the distal end and providing an alternate straight tip for torsional phaco.

The system is also compatible with the INTREPID AutoSert IOL Injector for single-handed IOL insertion and INTREPID Transformer I/A Handpiece which allows surgeons to easily transition from either coaxial or bimanual cortical removal without changing handpieces.

  • Wireless footpedal
  • Active Fluidics utilizes sensors placed along the aspiration and irrigation lines to detect and dynamically compensates for pressure changes by adjusting the compression of a bag of BSS inside the machine

Alcon Centurion Vision System Key Features

  • Graphic user interface (GUI):
    • – Displays essential data at all times
    • – Easy access to adjustable parameters for efficient customization
  • Wireless remote: Allows technicians the ability to control the machine from different areas within the OR. Snap focus keys interact with the GUI.
  • HD Monitor: 17-inch adjustable touch screen interface allows for easy visibility from within the OR.
  • Adjustable tray: Neutral setup provides accessibility for OD/OS procedures.
  • Rotating work surface: For easy surgical flexibility.
  • Task light: Provides convenient illumination whenever it’s needed during the procedure.
  • Wheels: Three-inch wheels with locking casters provide cord protection and easy OR setup.
  • Foot handle: Allows surgeons and techs the ability to easily move the machine after scrubbing in.

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