92-10 DORC 4mm Silicone Strip Scleral Buckling Products


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92-10 DORC 4mm Silicone Strip Scleral Buckling Products

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92-10 DORC 4mm Silicone Strip is a sterile, non-bioabsorbable device intended to be implanted for intrascleral and episcleral buckling for the surgical treatment of retinal detachment. It is typically a moulded solid silicone or silicone sponge device available in a variety of shapes and sizes that is used to compress the retina long-term (up to months) to support its reattachment following the operative treatment of severe retinal detachment. 92-10 DORC 4mm Silicone Strip also known as a scleral buckling component, will occupy the intraocular space to provide compression against the retina so that it can reattach. It is typically removed after a period of time depending upon the clinical findings.

The D.O.R.C. family of scleral buckling products provides a wide array of products including both solid and sponge implants. A complete product line is offered including circling bands, tires, silicone strips, grooved strips, tantalum clips, sleeves, silicone sponges, meridional implants, double tantalum clips & silicone wedges. The D.O.R.C. scleral buckling products are an added example of D.O.R.C.’s commitment to providing the most complete product line for vitreoretinal surgery.

Although this item has an expiration date in 2021 it is not for human use in the US.  Due to liability costs in the US it is for export or research in the US.

This product is in perfect sealed condition.

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