Used Medical Equipment

Equipment is thoroughly gone through in a step by step process using technician checklists.

All our suppliers are experts in their particular specialty and have extensive technician checklists that test every aspect of the equipment on a pass or fail basis.

In addition batteries are replaced and patient cables/probes are`checked for wear. Any part cable or probe that does not meet our standards is replaced.

Most of the equipment on this page is coming from our general medical technicians.  Their main business is general medical equipment service/repair and service contracts.  They are former Burdick technicians and experts in stress systems and EKGs.

Following are some of the manufacturers our supplier is certified to work on:

  • Ritter/Midmark, all products except diagnostic division
  • Tuttnauer
  • Hudson Aquatics/Ferno
  • Mizuhosi/OSI
  • Schaefer Mayfield/Chick
  • Gendron
  • DJO/Chattanooga
  • Morgan MEdesign
  • Conray (UW Mills)
  • Bovie Medical

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