Anesthesia Refurbisher Checklist

Although Medical Equipment Export’s Anesthesia refurbisher has an extensive technician checklist. They choose not to publish it, due to the fact that very few of their competitors have undergone the same training. The following is an overview of what is done to the equipment.

Many factors came in to play when making the decision to use this refurbisher.The decision became an easy one, when the president made this comment : ” I believe that a child in another country has the same right to go under anesthesia and come out OK, as my child does here in the US.”

Reconditioning/Refurbishing Includes:

  • Repainting of entire machine.

  • Resurfacing stainless steel surfaces.

  • Replace casters.

  • Install new battery-pack.

  • Replace all rubber hoses.

  • Replace fresh gas hose.

  • Replace ventilator relief valve.

  • Rebuild flow control valves.

  • Replace or rebuild APL Valve.

  • Replace ordinary washers and gaskets.

  • Replace lower dome gaskets.

  • Replace upper dome gaskets.

  • Replace bag mount glide ring.

  • Replace bag mount 0- ring.

  • Rebuild Inspiratory flow control valve.

  • Lubricate AVE clippard valve.

  • Replace 02 sensor cell (if applicable)

  • Replace or Repair respirometer sensor (if applicable)

  • Rebuild Auto/ Bag selector valve.

  • Addition of auxiliary oxygen flowmeter (if ordered)

Thoroughly test and repair all components by NAD/Datex-Ohmeda trained technicians.